See-Through Plastic Containers Coming to a Store Near You!

Posted by NOVATION Staff on Oct 24, 2017 9:43:13 AM

Milacron Holdings Corp.'s see-through plastic container, an alternative to the metal "tin can," is now on store shelves in in Seoul, South Korea, and Shanghai, holding Del Monte pineapple chunks and slices.

Milacron announced the first commercial applications of the coinjection molded Klear Can on Oct. 18 at Fakuma. The customer is S&W Fine Foods International, a company of Del Monte Pacific Ltd.

The Klear Can is part of the Milacron exhibit at Fakuma, but the company is not molding Klear Cans at the show. Milacron is based in Blue Ash, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati.

Milacron said the Klear Can is easily integrated into existing production streams and requires minimal customization or tooling additions.

Milacron CEO Tom Goeke said see-though plastic cans are a major innovation. "After years of development and strong possible consumer results, we're excited to have S&W Fine Foods International on board as a partner to launch the Milacron Klear Can in key global markets," he said. "We are also thrilled about the prospect of transforming the metal can industry."

Milacron got beat in the plastic food can commercialization race by Sonoco Products Co., which announced in April 2016 that it was working with McCall Farms Inc., a South Carolina food canner, to introduce its TruVue plastic can for McCall's Glory Farms beans at grocery stores in the southeastern United States.

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Introducing Lina, The Worlds First...

Posted by NOVATION Staff on Jun 6, 2017 10:02:27 AM

Students from Netherlands-based Eindhoven University of technology have built a 4-seat electric car weighing a slender 300 kg – made from a flax sandwich material with a PLA core. It is the first time a car body structure has been made from a biocomposite. 

As reducing vehicle weight took over as a priority in the design and production of new cars, carmakers have increasingly resorted to the use of light materials, such as aluminium and carbon-fiber composites, for the body chassis structural parts. The TU/ecomotive team of students responsible for the design of Lina, however, chose a different solution. Using sandwich panels comprised of flax-based composite with a PLA honeycomb core for Lina’s chassis, they have shown that bio-based materials can deliver the required strength, without the weight, needed for an energy-efficient, light-weight, modern-day connected urban minicar. 

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Fiberglass Plastic Tanks...

Posted by NOVATION Staff on Apr 18, 2017 8:54:04 AM

OCSiAl has launched a new joint project in fiberglass plastics. The addition of nanotubes allows Euro Accent Saba to impart anti-static properties to fiberglass plastic tanks for oil waste storage and transportation, cleaning equipment, and oily waste pumping. This is the fourth successful project to use nanotubes in the fiberglass industry, and once again this revolutionary material has enabled the creation of products that are second to none in the world.

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Metal to Plastic Composite Subsea Pipes...

Posted by NOVATION Staff on Feb 23, 2017 10:16:16 AM

Increasingly stringent demands for operations at greater depths, with sour service demands, and under higher pressures and temperatures, have made a metal replacement for subsea piping an urgent priority for the oil and gas industry.

James Simmonite, Energy Director at Victrex, commented:
"Our strategic relationship with Magma Global will help to further facilitate the industry’s move into a new era of enhanced capabilities, coupled with reduced costs, in extreme subsea operations”.

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