Running Shoes Made from Algae

Posted by NOVATION Staff on Nov 17, 2017 11:00:00 AM

Algae Running Shoes.jpgGALAHAD CLARK SPENDS a lot of time thinking about what's on his feet. It's in his blood: For seven generations, his family has owned Clarks, the legacy footwear brand responsible for making loafers, slippers, and slides. He's pushed the envelope of the family business in his own unorthodox ways, experimenting with 3-D printed shoes and designs made from upcycled materials. In 2004, Clark launched Vivobarefoot, a company that rose to cult status for its barely-there shoes made for running and hitting the trails, all with soles so thin, every nerve in your foot can feel the rugged earth beneath you.

Now Clark is trying an innovative new material on for size. The Vivobarefoot Ultra Blooms, set to release in July, will be the world's first shoe made from algae biomass.

New material aside, the soft, super-light running shoes use the same design as Vivobarefoot's regular Ultra line. They're flexible enough to scrunch up into a ball, with a thin white sole that's topped by a perforated upper. They're built for use on dry land and in rivers and oceans, where the Swiss-cheese holes flush water out.

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