PU Resin to Form Lightweight Composite Pallets...

Posted by NOVATION Staff on Dec 15, 2015 7:30:00 AM

plastic_pallet.jpgA new approach to pallet design, fabrication and management is transforming how companies move their products around the world. The approach begins with polyurethane resin that is pultruded to form lightweight composite pallets that resolve many of the issues the material handling industry faces related to traditional wood or polymer block pallets. The polyurethane resin is supplied by Covestro LLC, formerly Bayer MaterialScience LLC. RM2 pultrudes Covestro’s Baydur® PUL 2500 polyurethane system to form its BLOCKPal™ composite pallet. Specially designed for use in pultrusion, this Baydur® formulation’s properties – including strength, toughness and impact resistance – offer improvements over what can be achieved with traditional pallet materials. “These properties are critical to RM2’s value proposition,” according to Chris Gibbs, head of information management, RM2. “Use of Covestro’s polyurethane composite results in pallets that can be used over and over again in automated, closed-loop, multi-trip supply chains with high numbers of movements.”

Gibbs explains that this enables RM2 to lease the pallets through long-term contracts with customers – a unique approach to material handling. This is further complemented by the company’s ERICA tracking system, which provides real-time intelligence to monitor and manage the movement of pallets. RM2’s ability to identify pallet locations helps minimizes pallet loss, which is central to RM2’s business model.

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