Post-consumer Waste Creates Graduation Gowns...

Posted by NOVATION Staff on Aug 27, 2016 7:00:00 AM

recycled-graduation-gowns.jpgThis year almost 30,000 Australian university students will graduate in gowns made from recycled plastic bottles.
Six Australian universities are using the gowns since they became available last December. Hank Thierry, general manager graduations for Reed Graduation Services Pty. Ltd., based in the Melbourne suburb of Keysborough, said the gowns are made in China from post-consumer waste, mainly PET bottles. Thierry said each gown contains the equivalent of 28 recycled bottles. Thierry said the technology was developed in the United States and he traveled there to establish a supply chain and then arranged for the gowns to be manufactured in China. Reed established its own brand, Envirograd, under which it markets the gowns to universities and other higher-education campuses.

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