Would you stay in a pop up plastic bubble hotel room?

Posted by NOVATION Staff on Apr 2, 2018 12:24:18 PM

Would you stay in a pop up hotel? Super lightweight plastic “bubble hotels” can go where others cannot… and with views like no others! The super lightweight and eco-friendly design of bubble hotels means they can be set up in places you may otherwise never get to spend the night. And they take the concept of “uninterrupted views” to a new extreme, providing a new and exciting way to go glamping.

So, where are the best bubble hotels across the globe? We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites below.


Thurgau Bubble-Hotel, Switzerland

You’ll find Thurgau Bubble-Hotel spread out over four locations in the Canton of Thurgau in Switzerland‘s northeast. The hotel is comprised of three permanent bubbles, and one that changes locations every two months or in order to capture the best of the scenic surrounds.

plastic bubble hotelEvery room is kitted out with a double bed, two bedside tables, a table with two stools and battery-powered lamps. Luxe bed linen and towels are provided, with showers just a short stroll away. Guests can enjoy waking up to stunning views over lush vineyards and rolling plains. Rates start at $260 (CHF190) per night, and stays can be booked online.

Campera Hotel, Mexico

Campera Hotel is the latest bubble hotel to be inflated in the wine country of Baja California in Mexico, and it’s truly spectacular....

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