Never Go Fishing without it... Plastic!

Posted by NOVATION Staff on Dec 13, 2017 9:32:00 AM

The recent popularity of recreational fishing has brought with it a thorough overhaul of equipment in which plastics are widely used. 

plastic lures.pngAll types of lures are used to mesmerise carnivorous fishes. However, for the benefit of fishermen who believe that the fish always end up recognising their tricks, lure manufacturers constantly expand their range. With this in mind, they offer swimmers and soft lures that are sometimes oddly shaped and very far removed from the principles of mimicry. 
Hard resins, soft plastics, and polyurethane foam are just some of the wide range of variable density polymers used to create swimmers in various colours, shapes and with different hydrodynamic behaviour. The plastics can also be created to contain internal ball bearings that emit sound, transparent glitters and even attractive anise or crustacean aromas.

This wealth of creativity is not reserved just for professionals, artisans are celebrated for their know-how or reputed brands. Much like fly fishing enthusiasts, those who enjoy fishing enjoy creating their own lures. All the necessary equipment is available in specialised stores: moulds and resin plaster, adhesive fish eyes, pigments and aromas, silicon or PVC in paste form such as plastisol. They can then set about creating mouth-watering new fake species to catch carnivorous fishes.

5264_main.pngNo hook without a line. That's the cardinal rule for fishermen working without nets. They can do without a rod, to do some trolling, but can never do without a line. Horse hair, linen, hemp, and silk thread in particular. Only the latter natural fibre still has fans among traditional fly fishermen, who also often use re-sawed bamboo rods. All other fishermen, regardless of the type of fishing activity, have turned to synthetics since the invention of the Nylon monofilament in the 50s –  a  novelty that was hailed as a revelation at the time.

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