Increased Use of Composite Materials for Golf Goods...

Posted by NOVATION Staff on Oct 14, 2016 7:00:00 AM

compositegolfgoods.jpgA. Schulman’s Engineered Composites business has developed a next generation composite material, Forged Preg in collaboration with one of the world’s largest makers of premium, performance golf goods and the Company’s fiber supplier.  A. Schulman’s long-term customer approached the Company’s R&D team to find a lightweight material with superior surface appearance. The performance characteristics of the new composite material developed by the Company include higher strength and stiffness. The material is much thinner and allows the molding in fabric form. Forged Preg is also suitable for use in automotive applications requiring a lightweight material with high-end look and feel. “Once again our R&D team has addressed the customer needs and developed a next generation material which helps our customers to succeed in the marketplace,” says Frank Roederer, senior vice president and general manager Engineered Composites. “This development shows our firm commitment to long-term customer partnerships and joint product development across the composites value chain.”

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