Turning Ocean Plastic Into Clothing...

Posted by NOVATION Staff on Apr 19, 2018 9:20:59 AM

Have you heard of Upcycled clothing...? Well, it's a new trend taking the clothing industry by storm. Companies are jumping at the bit to take plastic trash from the ocean and turning it into shirts!

A Stockholm-based fashion brand, Grant, has launched a new "Beacons Project," consisting of creating a new line of shirts made using upcycled plastic salvaged from the ocean by fishermen in the Mediterranean. The initiative will see them partner with Seaqual, a fiber brand that upcycles plastics collected from the sea to make a polyester filament.

Through their Beacons Project they are launching an entirely new process of creating products with a conscious, sustainable approach, which they will hopefully grow and evolve over time. "We're determined to take responsibility and to do our part to make our planet better because the ocean's business is everyone's business."

The shirts resulting from the initiative will span menswear and womenswear, with options for women including a "Bio Oxford Popover Shirt" featuring a flared sleeve, and a "Bio Chambray Shirt" in a button-down style. Men will also get a "Bio Chambray Shirt" with a box pleat, and a "Bio Indigo Chambray" made using only indigo dye. All shirts in the series will feature buttons and packaging made from recycled materials.

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Recycled Plastics being used in hi-tech hollow, light, strong tables and benches…

Posted by NOVATION Staff on Apr 10, 2018 11:46:49 AM

Startup company Pentatonic has collaborated with Snarkitecture to create a collection of modular furniture made from recycled waste, including cans, computer parts and coffee cups. The collaboration between Berlin-based Pentatonic and New York studio Snarkitecture resulted in a furniture collection named Fractured, which includes a modular bench and table. Each item features a large crack down its centre, splitting the piece into two parts – which the brand likens to "a child's puzzle." Formed entirely of post-consumer waste, the making of each bench requires 240 plastic bottles, 45 aluminium drinks cans, 120 items of food packaging and four car bumpers.

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Your Own Personal Island made from Plastic...

Posted by NOVATION Staff on Apr 6, 2018 8:58:24 AM

Here is an interesting story about Richart Sowa alias “Rishi”. He made the impossible possible. Richart Sowa build himself a green island made of old plastic bottles at the beach of Mexico.

The beginning of a beautiful dream

It started on Richart Sowa’s balcony somewhere in Germany in 1977 with a simple drawing of an UFO. The funny thing is that he wasn’t an artist at all. He just moved with his family from Middlesbrough in England to Germany to work as carpenter for a company who builds kitchens. After a few years of non-creative work as carpenter he started to draw nature pictures for different customers. It seems that he sold quite view because he decided to quit his job to fully dedicate himself to art. Around this time his marriage went wrong till the day his wife left with the children back to England.

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Would you stay in a pop up plastic bubble hotel room?

Posted by NOVATION Staff on Apr 2, 2018 12:24:18 PM

Would you stay in a pop up hotel? Super lightweight plastic “bubble hotels” can go where others cannot… and with views like no others! The super lightweight and eco-friendly design of bubble hotels means they can be set up in places you may otherwise never get to spend the night. And they take the concept of “uninterrupted views” to a new extreme, providing a new and exciting way to go glamping.

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