Electrification and Autonomous Driving... Say What?

Posted by NOVATION Staff on Jan 8, 2018 10:35:47 AM

The parts that Toyota Group supplier Toyoda Gosei Co. is best known for — plastic molding, sealing strips, brake hoses and plastic interior auto parts — are hardly the high-tech stuff of future technology. But the Japanese giant says it will not be sidelined in the coming era of autonomous driving and electrification. Toyoda Gosei President Naoki Miyazaki says those industry changes present opportunities, even for a relatively low-tech supplier. His plan? Branch out into new products. The company even sees potential in the evolution of its current products, such as weatherstripping.

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3D Printing on the Go...

Posted by NOVATION Staff on Jan 5, 2018 8:50:39 AM

3D printer manufacturer MakeX has launched the world’s first commercial backpack for 3D printing on the go. Designed to hold a MIGO desktop FDM 3D printer, this new accessory allows anybody to seamlessly pack, unpack and even move their machine around while it is in the process of 3D printing. It brings a whole new dimension of portability to the MIGO 3D printer, the first desktop FDM 3D printer from MakeX. The Kickstarter campaign has beaten the funding goal, and still has sometime to run.

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