Introducing Lina, The Worlds First...

Posted by NOVATION Staff on Jun 6, 2017 10:02:27 AM

Students from Netherlands-based Eindhoven University of technology have built a 4-seat electric car weighing a slender 300 kg – made from a flax sandwich material with a PLA core. It is the first time a car body structure has been made from a biocomposite. 

As reducing vehicle weight took over as a priority in the design and production of new cars, carmakers have increasingly resorted to the use of light materials, such as aluminium and carbon-fiber composites, for the body chassis structural parts. The TU/ecomotive team of students responsible for the design of Lina, however, chose a different solution. Using sandwich panels comprised of flax-based composite with a PLA honeycomb core for Lina’s chassis, they have shown that bio-based materials can deliver the required strength, without the weight, needed for an energy-efficient, light-weight, modern-day connected urban minicar. 

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Do you Recycle Your Prescription Bottles?

Posted by NOVATION Staff on Jun 2, 2017 9:35:42 AM

A plastics recycling group is tackling another stream of material in an effort to boost recovery rates in grocery stores. The Association of Plastic Recyclers is out with new guidelines to help pharmacies recycle bottles that hold larger qualities of prescription medicines behind the counter. APR's "How to Recycle Grocery Rigid Plastics" guidebook has been expanded to include a new section on recovery of these stock high density polyethylene bottles and their polypropylene caps. The new information builds on APR's existing efforts to help grocery stores capture rigid plastics from areas such as bakeries and delis.

"It became apparent to us that in the grocery store pharmacies they also are generating a considerable amount of stock bottles. Not prescription vials. We're talking stock bottles. That's HDPE food grade, white, that can be recycled with their other materials," said Liz Bedard, APR's rigid plastics recycling director.

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