Who Captured SPE’s Auto Innovation Award in the Powertrain Category...?

Posted by NOVATION Staff on Feb 17, 2016 10:22:21 AM

DETROIT -- Honda, Delphi Automotive and DuPont Automotive captured the most innovative use of plastics award in the powertrain category at 45th Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE®) Automotive Innovation Awards Competition & Gala. The team was awarded for the development of the Delphi Multec® 3.5 Heated Tip Port Fuel Injector used on the Honda Fit and Honda City vehicles sold in Brazil to improve cold-start performance in ethanol-fueled vehicles. “Cold start is a fairly pervasive issue in vehicles that run on 100 percent ethanol (E100), like those in Brazil,” said Dave Dues, Delphi Flex Fuel Vehicles Program chief engineer. E100 does not form a combustible vapor at cold temperatures so engine-starting under these conditions is not possible with a conventional system. In Brazil where E100 fuel is commonly used, most automakers add a second gasoline fuel system for starting below 55°F (13°C). “The team captured this award with an innovation that not only solves the issue but does it in a way that reduces weight by 9 kg to improve fuel economy, lowers emissions and significantly lowers cost by eliminating that secondary gasoline sub-tank system,” added Dues.

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RAM Platform for 3D Printed Composite Parts...

Posted by NOVATION Staff on Feb 11, 2016 9:30:00 AM

SANTA CLARA, CA -- Arevo Labs, among the leaders in composite additive manufacturing technology, has introduced a scalable Robot-based Additive Manufacturing (RAM) platform for fabricating 3D printed composite parts. The first-of-its-kind solution consists of a standard commercially available robot, composite deposition end-effector hardware and a comprehensive software suite. Arevo’s solution is tailored to ABB’s smallest 6-axis robot, the IRB 120, though the scalable software can support larger ABB robot models and sizes. The additive end-effector hardware consists of a deposition head with advanced thermal management technology for processing high-performance carbon- fiber reinforced thermoplastics. Arevo’s software suite includes:

  • CAM software to convert CAD models to a set of additive deposition instructions for the robot. Software is capable of six degrees of freedom, enabling true 3D additive manufacturing.
  • A precise kinematics simulator that interprets deposition instructions to validate and optimize part construction.

Arevo Labs’ RAM Platform interfaces with ABB’s RobotStudio™ programming and simulation software to ease tool path generation from CAD files. The platform’s multi-axis toolpaths enable, for the first time, production quality parts constructed with true 3D surfaces in variable orientations. The resulting parts have strength and aesthetics superior to those made with conventional Cartesian based additive manufacturing equipment and software.

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Smart Label Packaging with LEDs Powered by Paper Batteries!

Posted by NOVATION Staff on Feb 10, 2016 8:47:23 AM

Anheuser-Busch leverages IoT technology for the first time using smart label packaging with LEDs powered by paper batteries in a very special limited edition bottle of Oculto beer. Special events call for a special beer and that calls for extra special beer packaging. That’s what Anheuser-Busch’s atypical Oculto beer brand has done by loading the bottle packaging with even more technology for even more consumer interaction. Earlier this year, the brewer launched a mass-marketed beer that was pretty impressive with some intriguing packaging features to play off the brand’s aura of mystery (see Mysterious Oculto beer serves on-package surprises). Now the brewer has upped the interactive ante using two light-emitting diodes (LEDs) powered by a printed paper battery as part of smart label packaging that also leverages an Internet of Things (IoT) connection, the latter a first for Anheuser-Busch. The new “fully loaded” limited edition (LE) bottle was served at the brand’s “Garden of Hedon” event in Miami on November 19.

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LEGO Group Investing in R&D for Sustainable Materials...

Posted by NOVATION Staff on Feb 2, 2016 10:45:56 AM

LEGO Group announces a significant investment of DKK 1 billion dedicated to research, development and implementation of new, sustainable, raw materials to manufacture LEGO® elements as well as packaging materials. Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, CEO and President of the LEGO Group, says: “This is a major step for the LEGO Group on our way towards achieving our 2030 ambition on sustainable materials. We have already taken important steps to reduce our carbon footprint and leave a positive impact on the planet by reducing the packaging size, by introducing FSC certified packaging and through our investment in an offshore wind farm. Now we are accelerating our focus on materials.” The investment will result in the establishment of the LEGO Sustainable Materials Centre. The center will be based at the LEGO Group’s headquarters in Billund, Denmark, and include all current functions and employees working to find alternative materials. In addition, the LEGO Group expects to recruit more than 100 specialists within the materials field during the coming years to work on this challenging ambition. The LEGO Sustainable Materials Centre organization will be established during 2015 and 2016, and it is expected that it will include satellite functions located in relevant locations around the globe. In addition, the center will collaborate and develop partnerships with relevant external stakeholders and experts.

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